Zhongshan Road, Shenyang

The design for Zhongshan Road, a street which connects the train station Shenyang Zhan to the Golden Axis in Shenyang, is inspired by the historical character of Shenyang in the 1920’s. The buildings will be renovated to their original style, green will be introduced and the street furniture, paving and signage will create a chic atmosphere that will take visitors back in time. Pine trees (Pinus tabulaeformis) alternate with the street furniture in a green zone separating the pedestrians from the cyclists. An art deco pattern of stylized leaves, designed by Atelier Loos van Vliet, decorates the street furniture and a herringbone paving pattern of natural stone in two gray tones create unity along the entire road.

Zhongshan Road, Shenyang


City of Shenyang

Atelier Loos van vliet

3 km

Shenyang, China