Zhangjiang High Tech Park, Shanghai

This competition encompassed designing the entrance and landmark for the new high-tech park and connecting the four separated areas of this entrance.

Niek Roozen landscape architects made a design in which organic shapes are the lead motive, but which also incorporates the characteristics of the landscape. By the clean-cut design, with a variety in heights and slopes, the four separate areas of the park seem like a coherent ensemble from the highway.

As logo for the project we used the digital fingerprint. This reflects both the high-tech background and the identity of the park. The logo is featured in multiple layers, from total landart-design up to the street lighting.

The footbridges, buildings and resting areas are spread over two main elements in the park, strengthening the visual and physical connection between the four areas. In these areas interactive demonstrations are given to hand out information of the region.

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Furthermore, the noise of airplanes and cars is reflected by the slopes, reducing noise pollution. Also, the inner side of these slopes create recreational opportunities and resting areas for the visitors.

Zhangjiang High Tech Park, Shanghai


Zhangjiang High tech park Management Comité


18 ha

Shanghai, China