WTC tennispark, Weesp

The Weesper Tennis Club (WTC) is renovating its courts.  As landscape architects we were asked to create an integrated landscape design for the entire area. The idea of the design is to make the area more appealing, accessible for the visitors (with paths and seats), nature inclusive, conducive to biodiversity and very important with low maintenance.

Our design made the entrance to the club clearer and inviting, now the entrance is not aligned with the main path and quite hidden. The entrance is more central in the total design now. The new gate and hedge element will mark and secure the new area. New efficient bicycle parking racks store considerably more bikes in the small space and don’t block the view to the courts anymore. The new benches and tribunes, which are integrated with the new planting areas, have been chosen in a single furniture style. The tribunes and benches are made from cost-saving concrete elements, which are a good alternative for robust and outdoor seating furniture. With additional wooden cladding the seats can also be comfortable and more appealing.

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The new planting design made the area much more alluring and beneficial for biodiversity. Three different kinds of green spaces were created. Firstly, a more cultivated inner planting area, which enhanced the space with finer attraction points, flower accents and nice in all seasons. Secondly, a more natural characterized green and ecological belt. Existing willows are combined in the new design with new trees, shrubs, and perennials. Bird and bee friendly species are chosen to make this belt at three sides valuable for the biodiversity and to close it down to protect the courts from the wind. And thirdly, one side of the area (the entrance side) has a more open planting character. The idea is to make it possible to look through the greenery. Easily maintained floral and grass mixtures, enhance the natural planting character. This way the WTC design will integrate the needs of the players, the visitors, but also the local flora and fauna. The design is in the initial phase and the board will decide what will be constructed from the concept design.

WTC tennispark, Weesp


Tennispark association


Weesp, Netherlands