Voorlinden, Wassenaar

Masterplan and landscape design for the Voorlinden Estate.

Voorlinden is a 40 hectare estate where four different landscapes come together: dunes, forest, park and pasture. The estate in its present form dates back to 1912, when the English architect R.J. Johnston designed the house, raised garden and auxiliary buildings for Jhr. H. Loudon. Landscape architect Leonard Springer adjusted Zocher’s earlier design for the surroundings with large open spaces and a larger water element.

The building of a museum which will house the Caldic Collection is the reason for the redesign of the estate.

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This new landscape design is characterized by a rediscovery of the spatial balance. The villa remains asymmetrically placed on the site with views to and from the Buurtweg, just as in the time of Johnston and Springer. The area northeast of the villa, with its scattered remnants of an historical garden from different time periods and now filled in with a tennis court, plays a crucial role in the design. The exhibition building, because of its location in the middle of this area, it will tie everything together. New groups of trees will emphasize the views and vistas over the landscape, just as Springer intended.

The development of the exhibition building next to the villa will not only stimulate the Voorlinden Estate, but also offer the possibility to increase the quality of the entire existing estate. After nearly 100 years of Zochers (senior and junior) as well as 100 years of Johnston and Springer, we are entering a new era. In the future it will become apparent what the value of the current interventions will be.

Voorlinden, Wassenaar


Caldic Collectie

bureau Kraaijvanger (Dirk Jan Postel)

40 ha

Wassenaar, the Netherlands