The design for Pilot Farm in Terwolde wins rural regeneration competition

TERWOLDE – The project Proefboerderij Haverkamp [pilot farm Haverkamp] is one of four winners of the prestigious competition launched by the Chief Government Architect. With this competition he aims to stimulate innovation within the agricultural sector. On the 4th of July the entry won the amount of 25,000 euros to further develop and detail the plan.

The entry ‘Proefboerderij Haverkamp, a mixed company for future farmers’ offers young farmers an opportunity, meanwhile aiming to beautify the landscape. It is an substitute cooperate succession and offers about 10 sustainable future farmers the space to experiment with future cultivation. She offers flexible lease and modest living areas.

The future farmers help each other with a self-sustainable cycle and share land, facilities, machinery and services. The present farmer coordinates. The landscape design is a roster of eatable green with flexible land for different agricultural activities. The aesthetics of the river landscape will be improved, with enriched biodiversity. This type of pilot farm has a local market and is suited for estate transformations in the neighbourhood of cities.

The jury appreciates the farmer-brightness of the plan, also incorporating existing buildings in the design. As the jury notes: “This entry shows intelligence, combined with social innovation and the renewal of rural economics.”

The plan is brought up by the organic business of family Hekkert from Terwolde. Niek Roozen landscape, On(t)roerend Goed, studioMAEK, Zin in Buiten and AS Architectuur form the creative team.

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