Suzhou creek waterfront Design Presentation at Shanghai Waterfront Design Summit


The Shanghai Design Summit was held on the 23th of April at the Suzhou Creek, an important river in downtown Shanghai.

The forum carried out three important topics, respectively, the lighting ceremony of Putuo District as a design lighthouse, the exchange of the design results for the Left Bank Zhonghe City Union and at the end there was an expert workshop.

Niek Roozen Landscape, as the design team of Left Bank Park in the Zhonghe City plan, participated in the forum. We are designing the large waterfront park and also participate in the design for the adjacent urban development. We integrated the planning concept of low carbon new city in our design and focused on the multiple experiences of people in water-friendly spaces. We aim to create a landscape feature with alternating symbiosis between urban landscapes and natural landscapes, and creating a harmonious and symbiotic urban natural waterfront space.

Due to the epidemic, we could not be there in person. However, we made a presentation video to guide the audiences visiting some reference waterfront areas and parks of the Netherlands and explained our design results, which was well received by the guests.

This forum was co-sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources, Shanghai Putuo District People’s Government and the Chinese Institute of Architecture.