Kunxiu lake park is a special node on the green ring of Songjiang new city, which is one of the five new cities of Shanghai. The project is on a rich substrate of blue and green natural resources as well as cultural heritage respectively including a lake, forest areas, ornamental trees, tree rows, ancient bridges, and fossilized trees. The new city is expanding, so the pressure on this existing park will be higher in the future. During the competition phase, the client asked to add more functions, especially related to watersports, to the design. Our main goal was to bring a new image to the park by improving its potential to become a demonstration park which is integrating ecology with leisure and sports activities in both land and water area ranging from professional to recreational levels as well as city to park levels.

With the new park design, we want to activate the waterfront areas again and create a good balance between ecology and leisure. Around the new leisure and sports lake, a 3000-meter-long sports road links multiple scenic nodes such as the edible forest, flower forest, leisure forest, activity forest, sports island, recreation island, and leisure island.

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The open lake surface on the north side is suitable for national and city-level professional sports events. All the architecture is integrated in the landscape and the design of the sports stadium draws inspiration from the “stone knives” unearthed at the Guangfulin historical site. The second floor of the sports stadium serves as an excellent platform for watching events on the water, with a specialized sports dock on the right and leisure platforms on the left, blending seamlessly with the surrounding terrain.

On the south side of the park, the water area offers opportunities for leisure water sports. The commercial area is combined with a leisure dock, to make sure all highlights can be reached by boat as well. The slow traffic path passes through a children’s themed sports hub and stretches across a beach area, allowing visitors to enjoy sunlight, play beach volleyball, and even hold beach weddings and other activities. The existing forests are a good base for ecology, with large trees, we want to keep and develop into more natural forests. For this strategy, we will add shrubs, perennials, bulbs, and water plants to create extra colorful layers for the visitors, but also food and habitat areas for the local animals. Both people and animals can benefit from this forest transformation during all seasons.

Songjiang Kunxiu Lake Park upgrading and renovation project


Songjiang District People’s Government, Shanghai Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau



Shanghai, China