Sherry Xue 

Sherry (1980) studied English in Shenyang, China (1997) and graduated from Liaoning University (2001). During her studies she has received high praise from professors for her good understanding of English literature, language and culture. She holds the idea that language doesn’t exist independently, it should be presented with specific culture and mindset, otherwise it is only the delivery of words. Based on culture, we can understand the real meaning of the sentences and the tone of the speakers.

In 2005, Sherry started working as a part-time interpreter of Niek Roozen Landscape. Since 2009, she became part of the team, as representative of Niek Roozen Landscape in China, covering the responsibility of translation, interpretation, management and business promotion.

Her work attributes include firstly her quick interpretation of design presentations delivered by our designers; second is her balanced communication between Niek Roozen Landscape  designers and clients in China which involves cross-culture communication. She has the ability to make win-win situation for both sides and establish good contacts with clients in China.

Sherry provides strong business negotiation support for the company and helps to manage the projects in all the stages. Besides working for the office, she is working as an English teacher.

Sherry is a relatively quiet lady, who enjoys reading, Taichi, running regularly and learning how to play guitar.

Sherry Xue
Sherry Xue representive China