Shanghai Zhonghe City Landscape Planning

The Suzhou River has witnessed the development of Shanghai’s industrial civilization 100 years ago, and as the years have passed, the Suzhou River now tells the story of a paradigmatic waterfront lifestyle in a cosmopolitan city.

The new city is located near Hongqiao Airport and adjacent to several existing commercial headquarters. This area has great potential to accommodate (adjacent) high-end residential communities and international businesses. One of the design priorities is to create a low-carbon new city.

First and foremost, we encourage emission-free modes of transportation, such as walking and cycling. This means having a good and clear network of bike and pedestrian paths. We design low maintenance landscapes. We also consider, for example, community gardens to increase local agriculture and the use of renewable energy. The most important thing is to create large green areas! Trees, shrubs, vines, perennials and multi-flowered lawns are the main absorbers of CO2.

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Based on the original water network, we re-planned and improved the blue-green structure. Five different types of water bodies and matching waterfront designs were designed in conjunction with different urban functions. In terms of the green structure, we designed a 3D green city concept, through green roofs, green sky bridges, pocket parks, green waterfronts and green lanes to form a three-dimensional green city. The city will have a strong blue-green base and identity.

In the second phase of the design, we developed a detailed conceptual design for the southern riverfront park.

Along the total Suzhou creek, this is one of the largest green areas in the urban part. The open and spacious waterfront park with smooth forms contrasts with the intertwined water city and compact layout to the north. An important issue was how to design the water, especially for recreational functions. How do we connect the visitors with the water again? To this end, we designed the waterfront with multiple forms of ecological permeability and focused on natural combinations of trees and plants, bee-friendly multi-floral meadows and abundant aquatic plants in the plant design. Functional elements such as culture, art, sports and recreation were also added. These elements are focused in the center of the riparian park, in the three islands. Combined with the water gardens and existing harbour in the west part, as well as the commercial landscape areas, five distinctive waterfront landscape areas are formed. A green gateway has been created for Zhonghe City.

Shanghai Zhonghe City Landscape Planning


Shanghai Putuo District Government

1.7 km2

Shanghai, China