Second place for international competition: Shanghai Suzhou Creek -illumination plan

On 19th March the government of Shanghai announced the result of the international competition: Shanghai Suzhou Creek illumination plan. We are honored to receive the second prize.

Suzhou Creek is an important aspect in the development of Shanghai. The earliest industries, as shipping, flower powder, cotton manufacturing and metallurgical machinery had been appearing along both banks of Suzhou creek from the beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays, this area has become one of the most vibrant business district in the center of Shanghai.

On March 15th 2019 Judith presented our landscape and illumination plan in collaboration with Meico (Shanghai lighting company) to the client and stakeholders. Our design concept focus on improving  the urban greening and accessibility of the area. We enhanced the lighting system along Suzhou Creek to promote safety and ensure a greater sense of place which is aesthetically appealing. We focused on highlighting the cultural and historical legacy of Suzhou Creek which reflects the present modern and sustainable city.

We presented an overall concept plan and illumination design for three selected area: the riverfront park, historical district and an illumination strategy for eleven bridges along Suzhou Creek.

A total of 6 international companies were invited to join the competition. The client was impressed by our clear concept and innovative work.