Private garden Switzerland

Design and realization of the garden of a private estate on the shore of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland.

The garden is located on the shore of Lake Lucerne and is characterized by a height difference of up to 12 m. The large country house is located in the higher part of the garden; the guesthouse is built  close to the water, next to the quay along the lake.

The design is inspired by the flowing lines from the English landscape style. A system of curved paths makes a tour of the garden possible, overlooking the garden , with a beautiful views of  the lake. The central part of the garden is kept open with a lawn and solitary trees. Large groups of rhododendrons have been planted towards the edges. The garden in front of the guesthouse is designed as a colorful “valley” with natural stone stacks and a richly flowering planting.

Private garden Switzerland


Private owner

1 ha

Meggen, Switzerland