Qingpu new city green ring

Qingpu New City, as one of the five new cities in Shanghai, is located at the west end of the development axis of Shanghai and is an important gateway for Shanghai facing the Yangtze River Delta. Green and sustainable development is an important principle of this project.

The interweaving of the water system and the farmland is the historical landscape structure of Qingpu, and it is a unique trace of the development of traditional circular agricultural activities in Qingpu. The villages are built along the water, and the residents mainly work in agriculture and fishpond breeding, thus forming the characteristics of water, dikes, fields, fishponds and villages style. This was a cultural very important system of canals, dikes and reusing materials, which resulted in one of the more efficient organic farming principles of 4000 years ago. The first village in the Shanghai region was positioned here.

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Due to the economic development of the city, the small scale diverse farmland, has gradually changed to a large-scale single-planting farmland.  The water system has also  decreased  with all effects on its own related to waterstorage and infiltration, and a large industrial area has gradually replaced the original rural residence. Qingpu’s historical and cultural features are facing certain threats. In historical and cultural records, Qingpu is also the source of Shanghai, so protecting the historical structure of Qingpu also benefits Shanghai civilization protection and can attract tourism.

We come up with six design strategies: water management,  organic farmland, riverbank shaping, forestry cultivation, village development, and  connections to shape Qingpu greenery where ecology and industry are compatible, and culture and nature can be protected and inherited. It is ensured that this poetic landscape is partially preserved and integrated with new functions of nature reserve, green buffer zone, recreation area, seepage area, water purification area and ecological agriculture; thus, the structure of the original landscape is largely obtained recovery and will be better at piloting innovation and responding to the climate. The forest land, villages and roads within the design scope are reorganized to make them work better with the planned landscape foundation.

There will be six themed sections in the green ring, with a number of service stations, running through a 45-kilometer greenway and a 43-kilometer water cruise line; integrating cultural promotion, art display, leisure and entertainment and other service functions. This way it will form a brand-new picture of Jiangnan water town!

Qingpu new city green ring


Qingpu District People’s Government, Shanghai Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, Shanghai Municipal Greening and City Appearance Administration Bureau



Shanghai, China