Presentation concept design Dutch garden in Expo in Doha


On behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, Niek Roozen and Judith van der Poel have presented the concept design for ‘The Netherlands Garden’ in the International Horticultural Exhibition EXPO 2021 Doha Qatar. The general theme of this Expo is ‘Green Desert, Better Environment’.

Our design shows how you can catch and store water in the desert on a traditional way. By using so called fog catchers around the garden, the water will be collected and used as irrigation in the garden. A roof of trees and an understory of plants retain the water and prevents desertification.

The garden itself will display a combination of an indigenous and a Dutch plant collection, that will create nice arrangements with the colourful Mondrian walls. Due to the high temperatures in Doha the park is mostly used during the evenings. The nets and walls will be used during that time to display projections of the Netherlands and/or Dutch art.