How to make green more effective for urban streets?

Together with experts from various cities, universities (Wageningen University and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences), and research institutes, we propose templates for four typical neighborhoods in the Netherlands: Stedelijk bouwblok (urban blocks, dense housing built around 1900), Bloemkoolwijk (cauliflower district, diverse and green housing from around 1980), Verbbindingsweg (connections roads, wide profile and diverse time periods) and Volkswijk (working-class district, simple and small housing, mostly around 1920).

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The research was conducted in the form of workshops and interviews with clients, experts, designers, and maintainers of the streets to create a widely supported proposal. We first established a SketchUp model based on the real street, then the EMVI-met program is adapted to study the impact of various green interventions on PET (Physiological Equivalent Temperature). These interventions could be a row of large new trees, clusters of trees, perennials, but also an infiltration zone, pergola and a green space in the middle of the street. With each intervention we also researched if it could fit the type of neighborhood.

Three sessions were conducted for each neighborhood type, the template model was evaluated according to factors such as implementation and maintenance costs, then they will be iteratively upgraded. The research results will be finished in 2023 and will be published in the form of a booklet and an seminar. We hope with the result we can inspire other designers and municipalities who have a project in similar project areas. The scientific results and templates can be used as arguments in processes to create more sustainable and climate adaptive designs for these streets and neighborhoods!

PPS (Public-private collaboration) research project Effective climate green


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