Panel member in the symposium Crossing Borders in Landscape Architecture


Thursday November 8th, while Herman gave his pitch for Brood en Spelen (Bread and Games), Judith was a panel member in the symposium “Crossing Borders in Landscape Architecture”.

An interesting symposium on internationalization, in which the benefits emerged, but also the doubts about it. Both in the professional field as in landscape education more and more international projects and foreign students are arriving.  This is the result of, among other things, the globalization and the famous ‘Dutch approach’.

There were questions as: Can you realize projects in foreign countries if you have very little cultural and general knowledge of the place? How do you prevent a generic concept to be used all over the world in different places?

An important conclusion was that working together is essential. As a designer, it is important to realize that you are not only contributing knowledge, but that you are as well exchanging acquaintance with each other. That is why we always collaborate as Niek Roozen bv with a local landscape bureau. Working together is crucial: the discussion on the existing qualities, research into the project area, different issues, but also the design and strategies themselves. Each international experience, especially as a designer, makes your world literally wider and makes you comprehend and tackle your projects in a different way.