Niek Roozen Landscape was founded in 1982. As a Dutch landscape design office that has been working for over 38 years both in the Netherlands and abroad, we have developed ourselves as specialists in landscaping and city green planning. Our team consists mainly of landscape architects and landscape designers, supplemented by a planting specialist and a technical advisor. If there is a requirement for additional knowledge, we utilise our strong network and we select a wider team.

Judith van der Poel is owner and managing director, she is in charge of the daily management. Herman Hobbelink is contributing to the team as designer, project leader and partner. The founder Niek Roozen has stepped down as director in 2019, but is still connected to Niek Roozen Landscape as advisor.

Important themes that serve as the focus of our projects are the qualities of the existing landscape and appreciating the local culture. The office works on many different kinds of projects like parks, international expo’s, theme parks, sustainably designed city districts, horticultural exhibitions, recreational areas, botanical gardens and natural sites and countryside projects. We collaborate extensively with national and international design studios and technical offices.

Judith van der Poel
Judith van der Poeldirector / landscape architect
Herman Hobbelink
Herman Hobbelinkpartner / landscape designer
Niek Roozen
Niek Roozenadvisor / landscape architect
Denise Schellinger
Denise SchellingerSales & Events
Hester Baboelal
Hester Baboelaloffice manager
Nan He
Nan Helandscape designer
Xiao Zhang
Xiao Zhanglandscape designer
Tessa van Veen
Tessa van Veenintern
Sally Shen
Sally Shenrepresentive China
Sherry Xue
Sherry Xue representive China