Nursing home Hogeweyk, Weesp

Gardens for the elderly people with dementia.

People with dementia experience their world more and more through their senses. Nature contains a wealth of incentives that most older people experience as very positive. A trusted outdoor environment contributes significantly to this.

The vision of Nursing home Hogewey is based on what society views as a normal living environment. The residents live with others who share the same ideas, norms and values. This contributes to the feeling of a safe house where residents feel at home. The lifestyle of a person is determined by their views towards life, living, their habits and values. De Hogeweyk identifies seven lifestyles: urban, artisanal, Indian, domestic, Goois, cultural and Christian. The gardens of Hogeweyk have been designed to reflect this principle.

The design provides a positive contrast of natural forms (such as Vijverpark) and direct lines (such as Grote Plein). Plants were selected to support the various landscape themes such as Gooise Tuin (Verlengde Boulevard) with boxwood bulbs for accents planting and Cultuurtuin hydrangeas and rhododendrons for flowering plants. The Groenhof is classically furnished with box hedges, fruit trees and old-fashioned perennials such as peonies and phloxes. The Indian garden (Oosthoek) provides an exotic atmosphere. With bamboo planting, a tree magnolia and other themed plants, this garden exhibits  the character of the ancient East Indies. On the Grote Plein there are roof plane trees whilst  the  Vijverpark has the atmosphere of an English landscape garden with lawn, borders and solitary trees.

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The layout of the gardens have been adapted to accommodate the residents. A main pedestrian path provides a clear route to the various gardens and a sense of orientation. Both the Boulevard and the Lindelaan have been planted with slate lime trees to create a connection between the gardens.

The project creates opportunities for various outdoor activities. These include plant tables to allow residents to work with plants at sitting height, chess game facilities and a boules court. A theatre square provides a pleasant meeting place for residents and visitors. Art and an illuminated pond with fountains generate a point of interest.  The design has accommodated the possibility of future activities and shows including street theatre.

The gardens have been designed to provide the opportunity for residents to sit outside, with terraces located directly near the buildings. Plants were selected in response to their seasonal contributions  such as colour accents and evergreen planting which provide an attractive display throughout the year. Colours and scents play an important role in stimulating the elderly with dementia; scents appeal to the most primitive part of man. The following scented plants can be found in the garden:  lime, glossy medlar, snowball, mint bush, butterfly bush,  sham holly,  damask flower, stork’s pelvis, peonies and wonderfully scented roses.

The landscape has been designed to reflect the outside world and includes a park, boulevarde, squares, streets and courtyards. It offers a safe and pleasant environment which is easily recognisable for the residents of Hogeweyk.

Nursing home Hogeweyk, Weesp


Vivium Zorggroep

9.400 m²

Weesp, the Netherlands