Noordwijkerduin Pavilions, Noordwijk

Design of the garden and surroundings of the various new buildings for client residences and day care cantre at Willem van den Bergh.

Various sub-assignments, within the Noordwijkerduin master plan, for the realization of the new client homes and facilities for daytime activities and their surroundings.

The buildings are detached or grouped around a court. The surroundings consists of grass and trees, adjacent to the inner dunes. The outdoor spaces around the buildings, usually a courtyard, are designed with different themes related to the residents of the buildings.

Zeester: dune and beach, Trommelhof: senses, Druivenhof: village square, outdoor games, Kersenhof: village square, orchard/fruit

Noordwijkerduin Pavilions, Noordwijk

2004 – 2008

‘s Heerenloo Zorggroep

Building Architects: Marlies Rohmer, Claus and Kaan, Bruisten + Jansen, van den Berg architects

Noordwijk, the Netherlands