Noordwijkerduin Masterplan, Noordwijk

Design of the urban and landscape plan for the restructure of the Willem van den Bergh Care Institution for people with mental disabilities in Noordwijk.

Noordwijkerduin is located in the coastal region near Noordwijk, bordering the inner dunes. The assignment for the area is to restructure the site into a special living environment, suitable for people with ánd without a disability – so called ‘reverse integration’. Important part of the vision, is to clear the area from redundant buildings, in order to strengthen the landscape and to fit the new buildings into  the dune landscape with the necessary caution.

The partly fragmented green and water structure is being strengthened into a coherent forest structure, based on the historical background. In the total area, some parts are kept free of buildings and are transformed into “greens”, fairly open green spaces, linked to the cycling and walking routes in the area. This green, natural environment for the various users will act as a connecting social element. A major change in traffic flow is that the pedestrians always have priority and cars have to drive at walking speed. The street profile is being developed without sidewalks.

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To get the most out of the quality of the landscape, the construction area has been set at a maximum of 10% of the area. The starting point is a compact and clear allotment structure, consisting of 5 building types: forest houses, courtyards, avenue houses, park houses, and the Brink. The latter forms the new center and is central to the plan area.

Noordwijkerduin Masterplan, Noordwijk


‘s Heeren Loo Zorggroep

Claus en Kaan architectets

54 ha

Noordwijk, the Netherlands