The countdown has started: only one year remains before the grand opening of Floriade Expo 2022. In 364 days, the expo will welcome visitors from around the world and showcase its greenery with all its splendor.

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Landscape design of Floriade 2022


On skates, Niek Roozen and Debby Toorenaar discussed the starting points and the development of the planting design for Floriade 2022. Later in the video, Niek made a snow painting on the ground for Debby as a preview of the flower paintings during the […]

The last day of Luc Lefèvre


Luc, who has been working for more than 35 years as our designer and technical advisor, is retiring soon. During Floriade 1982, Luc met our company founder Niek Roozen and joined us. Luc contributed in many international and national […]

The Dutch garden in Warsaw has been beautifully photographed.


The last months the new Dutch ambassador in Warsaw has used the Dutch garden in the historical park many times. Because of Corona measures meetings were forbidden, and therefor she loved to invite her guests for a walk in the […]

Last day of Noortje


Our office manager, all rounder, planting specialist and jack of all trades will leave our office. This employee of the first hour will retire, we will miss her. We have had a small goodbye drink outdoor. The official goodbye party will follow when this is […]

City leaders planted big trees in the new park in Panjin


City leaders planted big trees in the new park in Panjin, where we are asked to make the design.

The existing situation is a tree nursery, which will be transformed to a sub urban park, where forest and the […]

The last day of Hanneke


Hanneke, partner of Niek, has been actively involved in the office for over 20 years. The last years especially with planting plans for all kind of projects in the Netherlands and abroad. Together with a green team, her latest big project has been the […]

Public consultation Bataafse Kamp


Tuesday evening January 28th, we presented the design for the park Bataafse Park together with the developer Nijhuis Bouw BV – HK2 and the municipality of Hengelo for the inhabitants of Hengelo. Before and after the presentation there was the opportunity to ask questions. Besides […]

Presentation concept design Dutch garden in Expo in Doha


On behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, Niek Roozen and Judith van der Poel have presented the concept design for ‘The Netherlands Garden’ in the International Horticultural Exhibition EXPO 2021 Doha Qatar. The general theme of this […]

New name and corporate identity


The changing of the management team provides a fine opportunity to set a new name and a new corporate identity. Niek Roozen bv is called Niek Roozen Landscape from now on. Green City in integrated in the sub title to show that the green […]

Beijing Expo Holland Day


June 17th, the Holland National Day was held in the Holland Garden in the international zone of the Beijing Expo 2019.

The day started with a ‘Sustainable Horticulture Chain Management’ Seminar. The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands gave a welcome speech, followed by the […]

New management team


At the end of September (2019) Niek Roozen handed over his office for landscape architecture to Judith van der Poel and Herman Hobbelink. As new owner and managing director, Judith will be in charge of the daily management. She has been working for the office […]

Speaker on the Panjin Rural Revitalisation Industry Expo 2019


Our design for the Panjin rural area and the five villagers of Hujia district was explained at the Panjin Rural Revitalisation Industry Expo 2019.

by Judith van der Poel on September 24th. Next to the lecture, our office also had an […]

Realisation of the landscape design of Panjin


As a result of our landscape plan for Panjin, a start has been made with the construction of a villa, an adjacent pocket park and better connections to the rice fields and across the water. By planting new, large trees, the park […]

Speaker on the AIPH International Green City Conference


This year’s AIPH Annual Congress in Beijing incorporated the AIPH Expo Conference, the AIPH International Green City Conference and the World Ornamental Horticulture Summit. Approximately 300 delegates, including many high officials, key figures and decision makers in the industry, attended the […]

Older news


WE WON!! 2019-06-04 The past 6 months we joined the competition about the new future for the ‘Bataafse Kamp’ in Hengelo. Today we heard our design has been judged the best. A plan based on luxurious urban living, in beautiful green surroundings. An integrated design for building and park. [...]

Tulips are flowering in the Dalian Yinggeshi Botanical garden

Tulips are flowering in the Dalian Yinggeshi Botanical garden 2019-04-22 This spring many tulips are flowering at the Sino-Dutch Bulb Flower EXPO in Yinge Shi Botanical Garden in Dalian. We made the flowering concepts and planting designs for 3 parts of this famous Bulb Flower EXPO. The relationship between [...]

Second place for international competition: Shanghai Suzhou Creek illumination plan

Second place for international competition 2019-03-20 On 19th March the government of Shanghai announced the result of the international competition: Shanghai Suzhou Creek illumination plan. We are honored to receive the second prize. Suzhou Creek is an important aspect in the development of Shanghai. The earliest industries, as shipping, [...]

Announcement winners Bread and Play

Announcement winners Bread and Play 2019-02-06 “On Wednesday February 6th the 16 winners from the competition Bread and Play presented their developed designs during a big meeting in the Provincial Government Office in North Brabant in Den Bosch. With the Manifestation ‘Radical, realistic and achievable’, the competition official finished. [...]

Midterm presentation of Brood en Spelen

Midterm presentation of Brood en Spelen 2018-11-19 On Thursday 11 November, Herman and Peter Bisschop gave a midterm presentation for the Brood and Spelen. The final presentation will be held in February 2019.

Panel member in the symposium Crossing Borders in Landscape Architecture

Panel member in the symposium Crossing Borders in Landscape Architecture 2018-11-09 Thursday November 8th, while Herman gave his pitch for Brood en Spelen (Bread and Games), Judith was a panel member in the symposium "Crossing Borders in Landscape Architecture”. An interesting symposium on internationalization, in which the benefits emerged, [...]