National Forest Park, Shenyang

The extensive forest of the Qipanshan Scenic Spot area near the city of Shenyang forms the scenery for the Shenyang National Forest Park. The northern valley with an area of approximately 100 hectares is the key area of the forest park with an total size of about 1000 hectares. The masterplan for the Shenyang National Forest Park takes advantage of the unique natural features of the park. Biodiversity, water quality and recreation are the key elements of the masterplan, in addition to forest protection and restoration. Management and maintenance of the forest focuses on the improvement of the forest structure and increase of tree diversity, plant and animal species.

Recreational use always respects the existing ecological value of the forest and strengthens natural awareness. The network of walking routes will be extended with thematical walks (cultural, adventure, nature, forest and valley walk) which are signposted. Retention ponds connected by a stony mountain brook create a water zone. The brook only carries water during the wet season (summer). The water in the ponds is used for snow production in winter. The water will contribute to a natural character, which invites integrated water play and at the same time improves the ecological value. The ski area will be extended to the east, taking advantage of half open slopes, to cut as little trees as possible. A ski-centre and climbing club will be developed in the valley using as much as possible of the existing building sites.

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Both entrances to the park , north and south, received newly built gates of wood, natural stone walls and roofs of slate. The playful pointed roof reflects to the mountainous surroundings and make it an icon for Shenyang National Forest Park.

National Forest Park, Shenyang


Government of Shenyang, China

Shenyang Institute of Landscape Planning Design & APTO Architects

1000 ha, key area 100 ha

Shenyang, China