Nan He

Nan completed her Landscape Architecture Bachelor’s degree at the China Academy of Arts before moving to Germany and successfully obtaining her Masters Degree in landscape Architecture at the University of Ahalt in 2018.

She has worked with various designers from a range of countries and although their design techniques and concepts differ due to their cultural and work experiences, they all share respect for the natural environment and draw inspiration from it.

Having lived and worked in numerous countries, Nan shares the belief that all humans are similiar in essence and different environments create different cultures. Her passion for Landscape design is led by the opportunity to create positive environments for people to use, live and play. Her motivation is to provide functional spaces for people to connect with nature, each other and themselves.

Nan started working at Niek Roozen in 2019. Her role within the company is to provide support and assist with the design and coordination of different international projects at various scales.

Nan He
Nan Helandscape designer