Luc Lefèvre

After completing his studies in ‘garden and landscape architecture’ in Belgium, Luc, through the Dutch Limburg firm Kragten Landscape Architecture, joined in 1977 the Floriade team Gaasperplas Park 1982 in Amsterdam where he met Niek and Noortje.

In 1986 Luc started working as a technical draftsman for Niek Roozen bv following the companies first major assignment with the Kasteeltuinen Arcen. This 32-hectare park opened its doors in May 1988. Many significant projects followed including various large entries Floriade 1992 Zoetermeer, masterplan and realization Floriade 2002 Hoofddorp, many Dutch entries to international horticultural exhibitions throughout Europe and Asia along with various national and international indoor exhibitions.

Our valued contribution to the International Horticulture Exhibition, Shenyang in 2006 was the start to many projects in China. Luc often acted as an intermediary between our design agency and local technical authorities in both the Netherlands and China.

Through his practical approach to design, aesthetic rationalisation and feasible technical solutions, projects are successfully implemented which reflect the original concepts.

Luc’s passions are cycling, mountain tours in his beloved Italy, traveling and singing.

He has a love of classical music, opera, film and literature.

With his active involvement in the Arboretum Floriade 2022  Almere, it is clear that Floriade projects are a common thread in Luc’s career.

Luc Lefèvre
Luc Lefèvrelandscape designer / technical advisor