Landscape Park Hof van Cranendonck

Between the villages of Soerendonck, Budel and Maarheeze lies the Hof van Cranendonck, a valuable small-scale cultural and historical landscape and a part of the ‘Baronie Cranendonck’ area. This area is characterised by the flow of the Buulder Aa, a network of forests and small-scale landscape elements where the balance between agriculture, nature and culture is strong. The Cranendonck Castle and former castle grounds give this area an added allure.

The total area is 64 hectares, bounded by the Buulder Aa to the east, the Sevenbornlaan to the south, the village of Soerendonk to the west and the Molenheide forest to the north.

The Hof van Cranendonck, a private initiative located around the former test farm, has become a tourism and recreation destination. Focus is placed on the theme ‘back in time’, to  emphasis Brabant’s rich history.

This theme is also a source of inspiration for the redesign of the existing landscape surrounding Hof van Cranendonck. The stories of the location and the prosperous history of its men, knights, earls  and farmers will be told.

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Through historical reference, it is possible to further develop the two strong landscape types and strengthen the value and experience. The first step taken was to restore the structure of canals and small scale banks to reflect the beginning of the 19th century. The second step involved intensifying the experience of  nature in the water areas by restoring the open stream valley landscape.

Landscape Park Hof van Cranendonck


Hof van Cranendonck


64 ha

Soerendonck, the Netherlands