Mondo Verde, Landgraaf

Master plan and design for the Mondo Verde world gardens theme park.

Mondo Verde is a large theme park of 25 hectares, located in Gravenrode city park in Landgraaf in the south of the Netherlands. The park is situated around Strijthagen Castle and  consists mainly of international gardens. The castle itself and the accompanying farmhouse are located right on a brook.

The inspiration for the theme was a story about a  castle’s owner, who travelled around the world, searching for paradise. During his trip, he collected images from gardens and buildings, to remember the most breath-taking experiences. Once back home, the castle’s owner developed his estate into a “Jardineum”, a collection of stunning gardens. During a walk over his property the visitor will experience the best memories this world tour.

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These memories can be admired in the theme park. Around the Strijthagen Castle, the components are arranged within three main themes: the estate (style gardens, formal axis and Italian garden), landscape and nature (lakes and birches, English landscape and existing forest) and the  faraway countries, the hidden Eastern gardens and Australia). By a clear main route connecting the several parts, you can explore the memories of the best gardens of the world.

Mondo Verde, Landgraaf


Arcen castle gardens

Kees Tolk, designer and Frans Royen and Geert Mevissen, architects

25 ha

Landgraaf, the Netherlands