Landesgartenschau Kremsmünster

‘Niek Roozen Landscape’ has been selected together with’ Bureau HOSPER landscape architecture and urban planning’ and ‘Goudappel Coffeng ltd.’ for the second round of the Landesgartenschau Kremsmünster 2017 competition.

The design is based on an existing monastery and castle situated between two hills in the Austrian town of Kremsmunster.  Temporary borders and permanent planting strips form the basis of the exhibition. Brightly coloured flower carpets, flowering combinations in an orchard setting and a natural choice of plants provide variety and diversity in the gardens.

There are two main components in the design, the first of which is the area around the monastery and its gardens. The monastery has been structured with courtyards, an orchard and vegetable gardens. The building architecture and present-day use of the gardens have been leading features of the design.  The gardens are sustainably used by the monks and provide the opportunity for villages to purchase local produce. The edible gardens play an important role in the overall plan, with existing structures and landscape elements used as guidance. Through the addition of a clear main path, simple themed gardens and plant diversity the design is easily recognisable and provides a notable concept.

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The second area is situated around the castle which currently accommodates a musical society. The design brief included the requirement for an amphitheatre to allow both visitors and residents of  Kremsmünster to attend musical performances and theatre shows at the landesgartenschau. The design was inspired by music elements: music clefs and music signs provide the link. A display of colour is created through the use of local species and presentation of a carpet of various perennial combinations.

Finally there are two smaller areas: the border of a river and the central market square which connect the main areas. In the design  the disappeared old redoubt on the river site  has been implemented as a soil body which, together with the natural border of the river, provides an adventurous play area for visiting children. By eliminating a road near the market square, the surrounding  restaurants and bars have become more intimate. These four areas are connected through the concept of a main path and distinguished planting styles. The design for the castle and proposed planting was praised by the jury. In addition, there was a particular appreciation for the solution to use the market square as  a link between the various sub-areas and to provide an independent place of residence.

Landesgartenschau Kremsmünster


Landesgartenschau 2017 GmbH

22 ha

Kremsmünster, Austria