International Consultation on Cultural Tourism and Renovation Planning of Fushan Forest Park

Fushan is the largest urban mountain park in Qingdao, it has rich natural tourism resources. However, in recent years, the mountain has been severely damaged due to mining activities and city expanding. As a result, our plan focuses on ecological restoration and local culture preservation to revitalize Fushan’s tourism and recreation industry.

Driven by nature, we proposed a phased strategy to increase the diversity of local species, the forest will be gradually restored to a complex ecosystem, meanwhile the target wildlife groups will also increase. Water areas are planned according to the topography, where the water resources are rationally stored and utilized, and the local wetland ecological community is rebuilt.

There are nine peaks in Fushan, the highest one is 368 meters. The peak area is an ideal place for tourists to view the city and sea, to preserve the local mountain landscape culture, we plan the peak area as a forest reservation to minimize the development. Based on the existing roads, multiple routes from the mountain bottom to the peak are designed, such as gentle climbing routes and natural exploration trails, steep mountain bike parkour routes, they are connected by stairs and tunnels. Tourist facilities such as kiosks, rest stations, viewing platforms, and restaurants are arranged along these routes.

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To connect the two mountain parts again we designed a landscape bridge above Yinchuan West Road. It serves as an ecological corridor and a route for the tourists, this makes it an attractive scenery from the road as well as from the mountain.

International Consultation on Cultural Tourism and Renovation Planning of Fushan Forest Park


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