Hunnan Baita Park, Shenyang

Baita Park is an urban park in the Hunnan district of Shenyang, located where two arms of the Baita River meet near an existing pagoda. The park is divided into three main areas: the water, the forest and the park zone. The river takes on a modern form and widens within the park boundaries, setting the tone for the linear design of the paths and gardens. Only the valley meanders organically through the park as a contrast, following the path of the old river arm.

The open water and central area of the park is buffered by the forest which blocks the northern winds as well as the traffic from the main road junction. The forest and lawn areas provide spaces for informal recreation and fitness courses in either the sun or shade, depending on the season. The east side of the water is bordered by a boulevard full of loose rows of trees, rose gardens, a tea house, a club and kiosks.

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The park zone in the southern half of the park has a more open planting structure and uses slopes of hedges and grass to separate it from the main roads and parking areas. The valley, with its sloped sides and bridges, is transformed into a rock garden full with cherry trees that come into full bloom in the spring and turn bright colors in the autumn. A new temple complex has been added just south of the existing pagoda.

Hunnan Baita Park, Shenyang


Government Shenyang, China

Landscape Institute Shenyang

30 ha

Shenyang, China