Hun River, Shenyang

The Hun River used to be the southern edge of the city, however with recent development in the past years, it is becoming a key recreational hub in the middle of Shenyang. The local government realised the potential of this area as a green lung for the city and the benefits in developing the  adjacent land as park space instead of industry housing. The 9km stretch of green on the north bank and the 4.5km park on the south bank will be enhanced and transformed into a linear recreational zone where nature and sport are available for residents and visitors of Shenyang.

The goal of the design for Hun River North and South was to preserve as many existing trees as possible while providing recreational space, sport and a clear path structure where bicycles and pedestrians are welcome. The park varies in width from 300m-700m which provides the opportunity to implement landscape features such as gardens, boulevards, harbors and a restaurant / wellness strip. The detailed designs for a bridal garden, rock garden, bulb garden and a water garden have all been created to add to the allure of the park. The planting design for the long stretch of riverfront evolves from very urban in form, structure and plant choices near the city center to a more natural and wild approach at the eastern end. Trees and plants have been carefully chosen based on the local climate, availability of species and the character of the special gardens.

Hun River, Shenyang


Government of Shenyang

Atelier Loos van Vliet, Landscape Institute Shenyang

1st prize

246 ha

Shenyang, China