Huangfa Nursery, Beijing 

The existing Huangfa tree nursery in Beijing has been commissioned to increase the range of colorful plants, and to introduce internationally advanced cultivation technologies to the public. Niek Roozen Landscape and Van den Berk Nursery were invited to make the Huangfa more efficient by implementing advanced cultivation techniques. The design of a landscape garden and indoor exhibition area provided the opportunity for the public to be informed about these new techniques.

The outdoor landscape design of Huangpi is closely integrated into the existing site. We created a series of outdoor exhibition gardens to showcase the use of coloured foliage trees in landscape settings. These theme gardens are connected by a central walkway, around Huanghua office building, making this area a gateway for the public. The most memorable garden is the rain garden located to the front of the exhibition greenhouse. This garden uses the principle of the sponge city to absorb and purify the rainwater from the surrounding roofs and pavements. The water level in the garden varies depending on the amount of rainfall. A unique planting plan was recreated which focused on aquatic plants to reflect the landscape character. Permeable landscape elements such as asphalt and bricks were used to reinforce the sponge-city and eco-design principles.

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Another important element of the design is the current greenhouse renovation, which will be used as a new exhibition and reception area. The strong relationship between Huangfa nurseries and Dutch Van der Berk nursery has led to the introduction of a series of advance international seedling and breeding techniques been made available to the public.

There are various functional themes in the greenhouse exhibition area: temperature-controlled room, popular science display areas, nursery technology displays, and low-carbon production display areas.

Huangfa Nursery, Beijing


Beijing Huangfa nursery and Beijing BFCA

Shengyang landscape institute, Xinda decoration B.V.

indoor 2000 m2,outdoor 4 ha

Beijing, China