Heqing Countryside Park

From a preselection of three companies (HASSEL, Bilden and NITA/Niek Roozen bv), our team was chosen to make the design for this new rural park of 34.3 km2. Our project area is an important part of the new ecological green belt around the city. Shanghai has recently realized seven landscape parks. Heqing Landscape Park is the largest and the only one in the Pudong district. As part of the green corridor, the Heqing Landscape Park will function as the  “green lung” for the city. The park is the main area for a more ecological Pudong. The new forest and water-rich area connects the agricultural area to the large-scale recreational coastal zone.

The program is related to the landscape zones. Major recreational activities are located in the coastal zone. The adjacent lake district is a more natural zone with forest and wetlands, with eco-resorts and water sports. It forms a transition zone between the sea and inland agriculture.

In the agricultural zone, visitors can get acquainted with modern agriculture and technology, as well as with traditional agriculture. The various functions are connected by an extensive water structure of canals, lakes and natural streams.

An intelligent phased water system purifies the agricultural water before it flows into the ecological zone. It helps to regulate rainwater drainage and, in combination with ‘sponge city’ measures, ensures sustainable rainwater management.

Heqing Countryside Park


Shanghai Pudong distrct government


1st prize

34.3 km²

Shanghai Pudong, China