Guangzhou garden

We were invited to participate in a competition to make a new design for the Guangzhou garden. The existing garden is located in the town and plays an important role in connecting the city to the famous Baiyun mountain. Guangzhou is referred to as the ‘Flower City of China’ due to its southern climate and diverse range of flowering plants. The government wanted to strengthen this image through the design of a special garden.

The existing garden was traditional with themed gardens and large mass planted flowering beds. Towards the mountains the gardens reflect a more natural landscape. Our landscape design was based on the existing natural environment , with beautiful large trees and diverse planting. As part of the masterplan we were asked to design the roads, infrastructure, paths, greenhouses and service areas. The new metro stations and cross roads provided the opportunity to implement a ‘flower bridge’in the design. This created a link to the various functional areas,  a new landmark for the site and a way to accommodate the height difference.

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The design concept provided a more ecological garden. The buildings are integrated into the landscape and have a link with the famous mountains. Green roofs help to insulate the exhibition spaces below and ensure a pleasant climate in warm summer months. In addition, a new water system  has been proposed where the water captured from the rooftops and ‘flower bridge’ are reused.  This creates an integrated system of water, mountains and plants  which will also strengthen the ecological value of the area. All-in all a diverse garden which gives a new image to the city.

Guangzhou garden


Guangzhou government

Allynita en Architect

2nd prize

152 ha

Guangzhou, China