Green City

During the Floriade 2002, together with Plant Publicity Holland (PPH), we introduced the “Green City Philosophy”: a green strategy for urban development. It is scientifically proven that green can contribute to a better city. In 2011 we were able to follow up on this with the publication of “Green City Guidelines” on behalf of PPH, the Ministry of EL&I and the AIPH. In collaboration with Wageningen University & Research and other stakeholders, we wrote this book about the value of greenery on all scales. Greenery can purify air and water, increase biodiversity, retain water, but also shorten hospital visits and promote social activities. In short, green is valuable in many ways.

This strategy is, of course, constantly evolving, which is why each project looks at how green can make a positive contribution to the plan and which type of green is best suited to it. We are currently working on the “Groene Stad Arboretum”, part of Floriade 2022, commissioned by the municipality of Almere. For this purpose, a planting list has been drawn up describing the contribution to the Green City of many plant species that can grow in Almere. This reference work can ultimately be distributed and supplemented for other landscape types and circumstances.