Green City Garden of the Netherlands, Genoa, Italy

The twelfth edition of the Euroflora takes place in Genua, Italy in 2022. This international flower- and ornamental plant exhibition started in 1966 and is an event of the AIPH (International Association of Horticultural Producers). In Genua the exhibition lasts two weeks and shows a variety of flowers at a beautiful existing park at the sea. The theme this year is ‘A WORLD OF RARE BEAUTY’.

The Dutch government focussed with our Dutch garden on the Green City Philosophy and the plants and flowers of Dutch growers. We were honoured to receive three prizes and a commendation. One of the prizes was in the category ‘the most beautiful, original and artistic display of plants grown from bulbs, tubers or rhizomes, in a large number of species and variaties’. The other two in the categories bulbs and tulips.

The Dutch garden is inspired on a living bouquet of colourful flowers. The design is a bunch of circles where each circle has a specific colour range and a mix of plants and flowers. The pond in the middle is the centre of the garden, where water plants, ornamental grasses, perennials and bulbs are surrounding the water. The plants will represent the value of plants and flowers for the people, the animals and the city itself.

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With this entry we want to show the effects of more planting and flowers in cities. When people have a view of green, they will feel happier and have more positive emotions. Green will also invite people to go for a walk, do sports outside and social interaction, which also contributes to healthier life. Green areas will also reduce the heat island during warm days, so a more comfortable micro climate will occur. A next and important advantage of diverse plants and flowers in cities is the contribution to the biodiversity. Plants and early flowering bulbs are essential for food for insects. With the past decades the number of flying insects has reduced dramatically with about 75%.there is an urgent need for more greenery in the city.

Extreme weather is gradually increasing in cities. More dry periods and wet periods. Plants will help mitigate water evaporation and slow infiltration, and rain gardens, for example, can provide water storage along with initial purification. So a circle with aquatic plants will display this idea and create habitat for amphibians.

With 15 circles of waterplants, small shrubs, flowering perennials and blubs, we want to show examples of the value of green in the city. With this bunch of flowers, we want to give as a positive gesture to the Italian and international visitors and tell the Green City story on a beautiful way. Most of all, we hope this garden inspires people to plants more green and flowers on their own balconies, in their gardens and in the neighbourhoods to help and improve the city life!

Green City Garden of the Netherlands, Genoa, Italy


Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

Jacqueline van der Kloet tuinontwerp en beplantingsadvies, Vaste Planten Kwekerij Heutinck, Griffioen Wassenaar BV Vasteplantenkwekerijen, Van den Hoek Dutch Flowering Bulbs, Waterplantenkwekerij R. Moerings B.V. en Lievaart Expeditie B.V.

310 m2

Genoa, Italy