Golden edge Hierdense Enk

The landscape of the Enk is going through some big changes. What used to be the wild lands, became more and more cultivated lands. The Enk was an area what used to be more enclosed by planted higher edges, to prevent the animals on the roads of going into the fields and lead them to the grass areas.

The mosaic structure of the roads and fields creates the identity of this area, in contrary to the straight fields and structure on the north side of the Zuiderzeestraatweg. The curvy roads always change the view on the landscape for the visitors. The Hierdense Enk exists of two parts: the Low Enk in the east and the High Enk in the west. Together they can create a beautiful recreational rural area for people from Harderwijk, Hierden and the region. These qualities we would like to emphasize in the landscape design.

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The edges of the Enk are also transforming. There are more and more building areas, so the question is: how can we preserve the qualities of the rural area?

How can the Enk create an additional value to the users and visitors of this landscape? Besides the recreational need, the biodiversity is also in dispute. In the rural area tree structures and small forests have disappeared. The edges of the fields are really located at the roads, there is no buffer. In our proposal a new network of diverse planting will be a new habitat for several animal species. This way the planting structure will lead different animal species along the fields, but we still preserve the open identity. This new network will also be a recreational network, so the people can also recreate in this unique area.

Some agricultural companies are quitting their business and have the wish to demolish old stables. As a compensation the possibility exists to build one or more houses, under the condition that the landscape will be improved. The question is if the new plans can be an improvement for the landscape. Various houses in stead of stables can also weaken the structure and make it messy. Planting along and on the plots has an important role in the total structure and total image as well. This needs to be done carefully to be sure it strengthens the landscape structure.

For the south edge we made a vision more in detail. Based on the existing situation, we propose a half open landscape, where local flowering trees and trees with autumn colour, will create a new golden edge. The shapes of the plots will be emphasized and by creating the right variety of buildings, forests and lanes, the diverse edge of the Enk will the emphasized. The variety of views will be stronger on the edge of the Enk, but also the transition zone between the forest and the open Enk will be more subtle and attractive to visit.

Golden edge Hierdense Enk


Municipality Harderwijk

230 hectare

Hierden, Harderwijk