Gershwin Cluster I, Amsterdam

The design guidelines and preliminary designs for the courtyards, roof gardens, terraces and atriums of Gershwin Cluster I, a mixed-use development of housing and offices, have been created to assure that the quality of the outdoor spaces are just as high as the architectural designs. Gershwin Cluster I is located in Amsterdam’s Zuidas where the most ambitious building activity will occur in the city for the next decade.

The project consists of one large parking garage with six buildings built above, each designed by a different architect so that every tower has its own unique form and character. The Gershwinlaan runs straight through the middle of the complex on top of the garage and the side streets between the buildings are detailed as roof gardens and courtyards.

The requirements of the green gardens, all located on  rooftops, have been taken into consideration right from the beginning of the building design process. The gardens are located at ground level or many stories higher, both inside and outside. Each has its own set of requirements in terms of use, load, construction heights and drainage. The various garden types have been organized in a green structure plan with seven different planting characters.

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The first phase of the design process describes the starting points and desired character of the various gardens and planting schemes. Each of these green types are then worked out based on the required construction needs of the buildings themselves and the location of the gardens. The last step includes a schedule of requirements needed for intensive roof garden design. Reference photo’s and principle cross-sections have been created to clarify the proposed designs.

The goal of this plan is to guarantee the character and quality of the ‘outdoor spaces’. The necessary technical building construction and garden specifications are given as guidelines in order to assure that the high quality of the urban master plan is realized.

Gershwin Cluster I, Amsterdam


Zuidschans Beheer bv (consortium van Bouwfonds,  AM Wonen en Amvest)

Copijn (besteksvoorbereidingen)

8.600 m²

Zuidas, the Netherlands