Future Lishui city international urban design competition

This international design competition is hosted by Lishui Municipal government, which aims to create a future sustainable Shanshui (landscape) city, to depict scenes of dwellings in Lishui Mountains.

The project is located on both riverbanks of Ou River in Municipality Lishui, Zhejiang province. Our design wants to give full focus to the beautiful landscape around Lishui, and we want to reflect the natural scenery and profound culture heritage in the city. Lishui has a long history and has been a place which literati loved since ancient times. Many paintings and poems were made here. The organizer hopes to “combine the spirit of humanism with the spirit of natural landscape” in the design. Traditional Chinese landscape paintings and poems are the best interpretation of these two spirits.

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Our design concept starts from ‘hidden’. We explain the meaning of ‘hidden’ from three directions: urban special structures, urban morphology and city lifestyle. The characteristics of the current villages and the characteristics of the existing landscape are one of the focuses of our research. ‘Hidden’ for us is to let the texture of nature and city intersperse and blend, so that the city can grow organically in and from the nature. The green city philosophy is also what we always have been implementing in the projects, by combining the latest research and sustainable methods to create a modern and livable green city. Local culture and new insights are the source of inspiration for our design. In the end, we hope this future city will be a place where “you can see the scenery through the window, can view the mountains and rivers, and can give expression to one’s homesickness.”

Future Lishui city international urban design competition


Government Lishui

Nanfang design institute

152 km2

Lishui, China