Floriade 2002- Gardens, Haarlemmermeer

On the Floriade there were several theme gardens, which showed a rich planting assortment.

The Gardens of Emotions, with mostly trees and shrubs, consisted of three parts which reflected varies emotions: dynamics, romance and reflection.

The water and perennial garden was located in a sheltered bay of the forest lake. Around the largest collection of water lilies was the perennial garden ‘Rhythm of the Day’. Each time the sun illuminated a different part of the half round perennial garden.

In the rose garden were several combinations of roses and perennials. Some special climbing roses grew on special structures.

The special bulb valley was mostly a collection of species that were less known for the public.

Floriade 2002- Gardens, Haarlemmermeer


IBC Lisse, Plant Publicity Holland,

Jacqueline van der Kloet, Stan Gall

Haarlemmermeer, the Netherlands