EO Wijers competition

The 2019-2020 edition of the Eo Wijers competition is carried out in four different regions and this year’s theme is: “delightful landscape, towards an attractive and vital countryside”. The competition intends to collect innovative ideas for the transition towards sustainable circular agriculture.

Niek Roozen Landscape participated in this competition in cooperation with Geert Ankersmit. Our entry Landbouw inclusief (Inclusive Agriculture ) for the region Twente aims to reverse the polarization between agriculture and nature. These two must work together rather than against each other. The current system, which agriculture and nature have become increasingly distant from each other, must stop.

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Nature and agriculture are two important carriers of the landscape. But cooperation between the two doesn’t come naturally. To help the process, a partnership was introduced under the name Twenteco. This partnership offers financial resources to strengthen the landscape, give farmers an honest price for their product and a platform to exchange knowledge. We believe that more understanding between stakeholders (agriculture, nature, producer, trader) is an important first step towards a successful circular system.

We have integrated a gradual transition in between the vulnerable nature areas and large-scale agricultural areas in the landscape. New wooded areas have been added, the water system has been strengthened and the emphasis will be on small-scale circular agriculture. A robust system has established in which nature and agriculture improve the soil, restore the water system, increase the biodiversity and diversity of the Twente landscape.

EO Wijers competition


EO Wijers foundation

Geert Ankersmit

1500 km2

Twente, the Netherlands