de Tippe, Zwolle

De Tippe is located in a young neighborhood in Zwolle, where there was an competition for a new development of housing. We collaborated with a developer and architect to make an integrated design, where we were responsible for the landscape design of the total plan. We created a spacious public space in the center which provides an unique green atmosphere, where meetings between the inhabitants can happen in a casual way.

An important design startingpoint is to focus on the relationship with water, because the project area is surrounded by water. In our plan, all the buildings are close to the water, maximizing the potential of water, the residents can directly see the water through their windows and balconies. By relocating the main building to the entrance, we created a large public space directly at the water edge, where a large wooden deck, benches and stairs are integrated, which is an ideal place for people to meet.

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Regarding the parking spaces, after crossing the bridge, vehicles will turn left and enter the underground parking lot. There are 77 parking plots for residents underground; meanwhile there are 15 plots are reserved on the ground for visitors. In this way, the groundfloor space can be used as much as possible for public use. The private gardens coexists harmoniously with the public green space, the viewing lines are blocked by the height difference and natural hedges.

Open grasslands, trees, shrubs, semiprivate meeting spaces, community gardens and sports areas are embedded in geometric shapes to meet different functions. Green hedges, aquatic plants, green roofs and green walls integrate the green city philosophy and make the entrance  more attractive. This green also brings long-term ecological value, such as storing and purifying rainwater and promoting biodiversity for the whole area.

de Tippe, Zwolle


Onis Vastgoed B.V.

Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed, Zaak van NN, Alferink van Schieveen, M-TRiX Installatie Adviseurs


Zwolle, The Netherlands