Sino Dutch Bulb flowers Expo 2019, Dalian

The site for the “Flower Expo” is located in the botanical gardens of Dalian, and consists of three sub-areas with paths, trees and bulb areas. The emphasis for this assignment is to make a planting plan for the subareas with the theme “characteristic Dutch”. For each of the 3 areas  is chosen for a distinct style, by using a tulip assortment, whereby the existing paths and trees are maintained.

The first area is an elaboration of the theme of water, wavy water. Different organic forms are filled in with a color palette of pink, purple and red/orange, with the blue color of pansies as a reference.

The second area is formed by different strips/surfaces of tulips in one specific color and type.
Stripes of a mixed tulip assortment run through it.

The third part is designed base on a butterfly pattern, as a colorful palette of flowers.

Sino Dutch Bulb flowers Expo 2019, Dalian

2018 – 2019

10.000 m²

Ying Ge Shi Botanical Garden in Dalian, China