Noordwijkerduin Daily activity center, Noordwijk

Design environment of the different clusters for daytime activities at Willem van den Bergh.

Elaboration of the dune zone, within the Noordwijkerduin master plan, for the realization of the new day care unit with the associated site layout.

The day care buildings are located directly behind  the dunes of the North Sea. Based on their program,  the buildings are split into two clusters, each with its own yard. The first includes an animal yard and horse riding stable, a hay barn and a small teahouse and a little further there is a building for woodworking. The second cluster includes a green yard with a nursery, a greenhouse and a building for woodworking.

The outdoor space around the clusters is designed as a rolling landscape with rough grass and trees, matching the atmosphere of the dunes. The various daytime activities have found a perfect location here. We find a horse pasture, a riding box, a nursery and wood storage. In order to stimulate the interaction between clients, fellow residents from Noordwijkerduin, visitors and passers-by, a continuous cycle and walking route runs along the yards.

Noordwijkerduin Daily activity center, Noordwijk


‘s Heerenloo Zorggroep


Noordwijk, the Netherlands