Countryside Park and Village design, Panjin

Panjin is famous for the red seashore, special agriculture system and the oil industry, these features contribute to Panjin’s unique identity.

Our project is located near the city in a beautiful countryside area. An old system of rice fields in combination with breeding crabs makes this area memorable. The existing site conditions and landscape features such as open fields and linear symmetrical lines were important elements and a basis for the new design.

Our design concept was to create new countryside parks which assist in regulating the water system, preventing drought, cleaning and storing water. Each year from October until April, the rice fields are dry, which results in a monotonous looking landscape for visitors and tourists to the area. As part of the overall Masterplan, we introduced a flower industry to contribute to the cultural identity for the region. The existing open landscape provided an opportunity for large colourful flower fields. The cut flowers can be sold, or used for food or green fertilizers. Through the sale of flowers and local agricultural products, villages have the opportunity of generating additional income next to tourism.

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Through the implementation of our design, we hope to enhance the natural environment, boost the economy, preserve the culture and benefit the local community.

Countryside Park and Village design, Panjin


Panjin government

5.3 km²

Panjin, China