Central Park Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City

We were selected from 122 proposals to make a plan for the Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City Central Park in Sanya, Hainan. The Central Park is about 4.4 kilometers long, and the G98 highway passes under it. The park connects different districts.

The design starts from ecology and technology. It creates wind valleys through topography, trees, vegetation and solar panels; in combination with water bodies and atomizers a more pleasant microclimate for residents and tourists is created. It can also alleviate the urban heat island effect. The temperature inside the park will be reduced by 3-6 degrees Celsius.

The slow traffic system runs through the entire park, and the lifted bridges and underground passages are designed in the busy core area. In terms of function, the park is divided into six themed areas according to the nearby neighborhood: oxygen forest, wisdom garden, art garden, health garden, core garden and the waterfront garden.

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Oxygen Forest: Use the green belt next to the underpass highway to create a pleasant under-forest space for visitors to take a walk, relax, and let the body breathe in this ‘rainforest’. The trees and dense planting will also absorb the noise of the traffic. This green space is also an important area for the animals in the region, small animals and birds can find their habitat here and it will work as an ecological corridor with the surrounding green spaces.

Wisdom Garden: Combining Yazhou’s characteristic, low-carbon and environmentally friendly materials are used to create a smart theater space that integrates sound, light, electricity, and wind.

Art Garden: Plant old trees to create a cultural outdoor space for residents to meet. Red installations are planned here as a landscape marker and event space, which are also an idea place for art activities such as theme festivals and interactive exhibitions.

Healthy Garden: Close to the hospital we created a lush garden, where people can sit alone to have a rest or practice walking in smaller and larger loops. This makes this garden suitable for patients, but also the visitors of the patients to spend some relax time with them. It has been proven that watching green and experiencing green can recover the patients faster. Plants and flowers are used here, which also provide a healing aspect and space for patients.

Core Garden: The main proposal for this area is to simulate a rainforest habitat by connecting the underground passage, lifted ecological bridge and the sunken square with multi-layer vegetations. People can meet each other here and the passage will be a real part of the park, so all the layers will be connected with green.

Waterfront Garden: The canal system flows from the south creates a water-friendly recreational space. Long stairs along the water and a long pergola with climbing plants will fit the long lines on the canal and will create places in the shade and places close to the water to have a rest. Floating waterplants will give the canal a greener image. The lighting objects create a pleasant place for waterfront recreation during the night. Because of the warm and hot temperature in the summer, the park will be used a lot in the evenings, so a total lighting plan was essential for the design and the park.

Central Park Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City


Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City Administration


45.9 ha

Sanya, Hainan, China