Rhoneweg, Amsterdam

Rhoneweg, Amsterdam The area between the train station Amsterdam Sloterdijk and the future Aviodome Amsterdam, alongside the Rhoneweg, is wasteland. The municipality of Amsterdam has given Boudewijn Grootendorst and Jamie Konings, two driven young entrepreneurs, the opportunity to convert this wasteland into a festival terrain. Niek Roozen landscape architects was commissioned to explore the [...]

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Science Park, Amsterdam

Science Park, Amsterdam For the roof garden of an apartment building we made a special design. The trees for the roof garden are planted in the soil at ground level, to create the optimal growing conditions. By pruning the trunk of the trees, it looks as if  they are growing in the roof garden. [...]

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Floriade Almere 2022 – Growing Green Cities

Floriade Almere 2022 – Growing Green Cities Niek Roozen is involved in the developments of the design for the Floriade 2022 in Almere. The Green City concept is central in the master plan, designed by Winy Maas (MVRDV). Niek Roozen has been asked to take up the role as advisor to the Floriade BV [...]

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Guangzhou Garden

Guangzhou garden We were invited to participate in a competition to make a new design for the Guangzhou garden. The existing garden is located in the town and plays an important role in connecting the city to the famous Baiyun mountain. Guangzhou is referred to as the ‘Flower City of China’ due to its [...]

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Golden Axis, Shenyang

Golden Axis, Shenyang Bureau Niek Roozen was asked to create a total concept and design for the Golden Axis, a 7km long city street in Shenyang, which required a clear landscape identity to define the road as it passed through various cities. The most important business and government institutions have located themselves along the [...]

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Boefterrein, Hilversum

Boefterrein, Hilversum Living in the forest, that is the theme of the Boefterrein in Hilversum. The landscape is rolling, roads and entrances to the parking garages are partly sunken and thus less prominent. The atmosphere of the forest is continuing towards the buildings to create a strong image. Project Boefterrein, [...]

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Noordwijkerduin Daily activity center, Noordwijk

Noordwijkerduin Daily activity center, Noordwijk Design environment of the different clusters for daytime activities at Willem van den Bergh. Elaboration of the dune zone, within the Noordwijkerduin master plan, for the realization of the new day care unit with the associated site layout. The day care buildings are located directly behind  the dunes of [...]

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Countryside Park and Village design, Panjin

Countryside Park and Village design, Panjin Panjin is famous for the red seashore, special agriculture system and the oil industry, these features contribute to Panjin’s unique identity. Our project is located near the city in a beautiful countryside area. An old system of rice fields in combination with breeding crabs makes this area memorable. [...]

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Zhangjiang High Tech Park, Shanghai

Zhangjiang High Tech Park, Shanghai This competition encompassed designing the entrance and landmark for the new high-tech park and connecting the four separated areas of this entrance. Niek Roozen landscape architects made a design in which organic shapes are the lead motive, but which also incorporates the characteristics of the landscape. By the clean-cut [...]

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Brood en Spelen

Brood en Spelen The ‘Experimental Farm Haverkamp’ project was one of four winners of the Bread and Games design competition, held in the province of Gelderland, it is a prestigious competition organized by the Government Architect. The competition objective was to encourage the renewal of the countryside. On the 4th of July the submission won [...]

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