Boefterrein, Hilversum

Boefterrein, Hilversum Living in the forest, that is the theme of the Boefterrein in Hilversum. The landscape is rolling, roads and entrances to the parking garages are partly sunken and thus less prominent. The atmosphere of the forest is continuing towards the buildings to create a strong image. Project Boefterrein, [...]

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Noordwijkerduin Daily activity center, Noordwijk

Noordwijkerduin Daily activity center, Noordwijk Design environment of the different clusters for daytime activities at Willem van den Bergh. Elaboration of the dune zone, within the Noordwijkerduin master plan, for the realization of the new day care unit with the associated site layout. The day care buildings are located directly behind  the dunes of [...]

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Dutch Floraliën 2014

Dutch Floraliën 2014 The Floraliën is a flower and plant exhibition which has been organized for the past 200 years by the Gentse Floraliën in Belgium and is held every five years. Aside from taking place in Valencia and Genua in previous years, the Floraliën made its debut in The Netherlands in 2014. The [...]

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Revitalising plan Floriade area 2002

Revitalising plan Floriade area 2002 Haarlemmermeer city council requested us to make an updated design for the former site of the world horticultural exhibition, Floriade 2002. Niek Roozen Landscape designed the original masterplan for the former Floriade 2002 site. The Floriade terrain 2002 consists of three subareas. Expo Haarlemmermeer This area of the park, [...]

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Floriade 2002 Masterplan, Haarlemmermeer

Floriade 2002 Masterplan, Haarlemmermeer Niek Roozen designed with his office the master plan of the world horticultural exhibition Floriade, which was held in 2002 in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. The area of the Floriade is approximately 50 ha large and is located near the village of Vijfhuizen, between Hoofddorp and Haarlem. The park was [...]

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Floriade 2002- Gardens, Haarlemmermeer

Floriade 2002- Gardens, Haarlemmermeer On the Floriade there were several theme gardens, which showed a rich planting assortment. The Gardens of Emotions, with mostly trees and shrubs, consisted of three parts which reflected varies emotions: dynamics, romance and reflection. The water and perennial garden was located in a sheltered bay of the forest lake. [...]

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Nowhere, Amsterdam

Nowhere, Amsterdam For a creative foundation for young people in Amsterdam we designed a courtyard. It has become a flexible space, where outdoors lessons and events can be held and just casual meetings can occur. A special wall for graffiti lessons is surrounded by ivy to create an on-going green image and to partly [...]

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Gershwin Cluster I, Amsterdam

Gershwin Cluster I, Amsterdam The design guidelines and preliminary designs for the courtyards, roof gardens, terraces and atriums of Gershwin Cluster I, a mixed-use development of housing and offices, have been created to assure that the quality of the outdoor spaces are just as high as the architectural designs. Gershwin Cluster I is located [...]

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Holland Park, Beijing

Holland Park, Beijing Plant Publicity Holland asked us to design a park in Beijing to promote the Dutch tree assortment. In a themepark style there will be several park settings with different implementations of trees. Project Holland Park, Beijing Year 2004 Client City of Beijing, Plant Publicity Holland. Area 20 [...]

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Voorlinden, Wassenaar

Voorlinden, Wassenaar Masterplan and landscape design for the Voorlinden Estate. Voorlinden is a 40 hectare estate where four different landscapes come together: dunes, forest, park and pasture. The estate in its present form dates back to 1912, when the English architect R.J. Johnston designed the house, raised garden and auxiliary buildings for Jhr. H. [...]

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