Roman Museum De Thermen, Heerlen

Roman Museum De Thermen, Heerlen The bathhouse De Thermen is one of the oldest buildings in the Netherlands and is part of Heerlen's Roman past. The current museum was created in the 1970s, consisting of a roof over the old bathhouse by means of a 'space frame', a unique steel span with a concrete archive [...]

Roman Museum De Thermen, Heerlen2023-08-09T10:28:34+02:00

Citizens’ Square, Shenyang

Citizens' Square, Shenyang We were invited to participate in a closed design competition for one of the most important plaza’s in the city. Large infrastructural changes and the development of a new modern office complex required a new plaza design along the Golden Axis, a 7km long main street housing the most important business [...]

Citizens’ Square, Shenyang2021-07-12T15:21:37+02:00

Park Bataafse Kamp, Hengelo

Park Bataafse Kamp, Hengelo By winning a competition, our team got the project to transform the former school building into a residential building and to create a new design for the park ‘Bataafse Kamp’. Our plan is based on luxurious urban living, in beautiful green surroundings. An integrated design for building and park. The [...]

Park Bataafse Kamp, Hengelo2020-02-13T09:09:44+01:00

Noordwijkerduin Pavilions, Noordwijk

Noordwijkerduin Pavilions, Noordwijk Design of the garden and surroundings of the various new buildings for client residences and day care cantre at Willem van den Bergh. Various sub-assignments, within the Noordwijkerduin master plan, for the realization of the new client homes and facilities for daytime activities and their surroundings. The buildings are detached or [...]

Noordwijkerduin Pavilions, Noordwijk2020-02-12T17:11:49+01:00

Huangfa Nursery, Beijing

Huangfa Nursery, Beijing  The existing Huangfa tree nursery in Beijing has been commissioned to increase the range of colorful plants, and to introduce internationally advanced cultivation technologies to the public. Niek Roozen Landscape and Van den Berk Nursery were invited to make the Huangfa more efficient by implementing advanced cultivation techniques. The design of [...]

Huangfa Nursery, Beijing2020-02-13T09:54:34+01:00

Castle Gardens, Arcen

Castle Gardens, Arcen The themepark by Castle Arcen was built in 1988 in accordance with the masterplan, design and planting plans created by our office. In 2013, Niek Roozen was asked to advise on the restoration work of the Castle Gardens Arcen. The garden park, which is more than 25 years old, was renovated [...]

Castle Gardens, Arcen2020-02-13T09:54:52+01:00

Townhall Zuideramstel, Amsterdam

Townhall Zuideramstel, Amsterdam The roofgarden of the City hall ‘Zuideramstel’ has a white theme that fits with the surrounding white walls. White paving near a central seating feature, white gravel as base and especially planting with white highlights create a serene garden. A work of art by Marte Röling, a large golden pigeon, has [...]

Townhall Zuideramstel, Amsterdam2020-02-13T09:54:58+01:00

ROC Laan van Spartaan, Amsterdam

ROC Laan van Spartaan, Amsterdam The ‘ROC’ of Amsterdam is a practical education institute with the theme ‘Stage for talent’. For the outdoor space there was also  a need for an actual stage and a space for events. A grid of birches is integrated in a large stage and in several seating elements. The [...]

ROC Laan van Spartaan, Amsterdam2023-02-21T10:37:42+01:00

Rhoneweg, Amsterdam

Rhoneweg, Amsterdam The area between the train station Amsterdam Sloterdijk and the future Aviodome Amsterdam, alongside the Rhoneweg, is wasteland. The municipality of Amsterdam has given Boudewijn Grootendorst and Jamie Konings, two driven young entrepreneurs, the opportunity to convert this wasteland into a festival terrain. Niek Roozen landscape architects was commissioned to explore the [...]

Rhoneweg, Amsterdam2020-02-13T09:55:20+01:00

Science Park, Amsterdam

Science Park, Amsterdam For the roof garden of an apartment building we made a special design. The trees for the roof garden are planted in the soil at ground level, to create the optimal growing conditions. By pruning the trunk of the trees, it looks as if  they are growing in the roof garden. [...]

Science Park, Amsterdam2020-02-13T09:55:27+01:00