Expo 2021 Doha, Qatar

Expo 2021 Doha, Qatar On behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, our office made the concept design for ‘The Netherlands Garden’ in the International Horticultural Exhibition EXPO 2021 Doha Qatar. The general theme of this Expo is ‘Green Desert, Better Environment’. Our design shows how you can catch and store water [...]

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Huangfa Nursery, Beijing

Huangfa Nursery, Beijing  The existing Huangfa tree nursery in Beijing has been commissioned to increase the range of colorful plants, and to introduce internationally advanced cultivation technologies to the public. Niek Roozen Landscape and Van den Berk Nursery were invited to make the Huangfa more efficient by implementing advanced cultivation techniques. The design of [...]

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Floriade Almere 2022 – Growing Green Cities

Floriade Almere 2022 – Growing Green Cities Niek Roozen is involved in the developments of the design for the Floriade 2022 in Almere. The Green City concept is central in the master plan, designed by Winy Maas (MVRDV). Niek Roozen has been asked to take up the role as advisor to the Floriade BV [...]

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Dutch Floraliën 2014

Dutch Floraliën 2014 The Floraliën is a flower and plant exhibition which has been organized for the past 200 years by the Gentse Floraliën in Belgium and is held every five years. Aside from taking place in Valencia and Genua in previous years, the Floraliën made its debut in The Netherlands in 2014. The [...]

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Floriade 2002 Masterplan, Haarlemmermeer

Floriade 2002 Masterplan, Haarlemmermeer Niek Roozen designed with his office the master plan of the world horticultural exhibition Floriade, which was held in 2002 in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. The area of the Floriade is approximately 50 ha large and is located near the village of Vijfhuizen, between Hoofddorp and Haarlem. The park was [...]

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Floriade 2002- Gardens, Haarlemmermeer

Floriade 2002- Gardens, Haarlemmermeer On the Floriade there were several theme gardens, which showed a rich planting assortment. The Gardens of Emotions, with mostly trees and shrubs, consisted of three parts which reflected varies emotions: dynamics, romance and reflection. The water and perennial garden was located in a sheltered bay of the forest lake. [...]

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Grüne Woche 2012, Berlin

Grüne Woche 2012, Berlin The overall design of the Dutch stand at the international trade show ‘Grüne Woche 2012’ in Berlin. The ‘Grüne Woche’ is a famous international event for food, agriculture and horticulture. Producers and farmers use the indoor event as test and sales market for their quality products. The events attracts around [...]

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Green Valley EXPO Park, Changzhou

Green Valley EXPO Park, Changzhou Green Valley Park is an expo for Sustainability. The integral park design demonstrates many aspects of sustainability on a range of scales, such as the use of water, generation of wind and solar energy and air filtration through the use of greenery, all within a modern park setting. The [...]

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Holland Entry at 2010 Taipei Int. Flora Expo

Holland Entry at 2010 Taipei Int. Flora Expo Design and coordination of the construction of the Dutch entry during the International Expo in 2010. The design shows the advantages of green in the city. By using ready to use green walls and roof gardens, the illusion of a green city is made. A large [...]

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International Horticultural Expo 2006, Shenyang

International Horticultural Expo 2006, Shenyang From 2004 until the opening in 2006 Niek Roozen Landscape was the general advisor of the International Horticultural Expo in Shenyang. Years of experience with exhibitions convinced the organisation of the Expo to gain Niek Roozen’s advice for several themes in the park and ask him to design a [...]

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