Announcement winners Bread and Play


On Wednesday February 6th the 16 winners from the competition Bread and Play presented their developed designs during a big meeting in the Provincial Government Office in North Brabant in Den Bosch.

With the Manifestation Radical, realistic and achievable, the competition official finished. At the same time, it is a new beginning, emphasized the National Architect Floris Alkemade, together with the National Advisor for Physical Living Environment Berna Strootman, the initiators of the competition. That also showed in the vivid exchange of knowledge, tips and phone numbers between the hunderds of people involved.

We presented with our team our detailed design for our project ‘Taste Farm Haverkamp’. On behalf of our team Judith van der Poel gave a short introduction in a presentation. After the presentation there were some questions and advices from the audience how to get our design realized.

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Taste Farm Haverkampis an new type of follow-up that gives 6 sustainable farmers a change to experiment with different intensive crops for the future. The new farmers are cooperating and individual in this mixed farm with a self-sufficient cycle, they share ground, facilities and services. The sales are regional. The declining farmer offers flexible lease and small living areas. 

The event was also the beginning of a travelling exposition which shows the designs of the 16 winners. Besides this, a pamphlet shows all the designs together. This is the end of the official part of the competition, but of course we hope it is just the beginning of the real building phase. We are working hard to recruit the first farmers and have explained our design on several occasions now to speed up the realisation part.

Detailed information about our entry and all the others, you can find here: