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EO Wijers competition

EO Wijers competition The 2019-2020 edition of the Eo Wijers competition is carried out in four different regions and this year's theme is: "delightful landscape, towards an attractive and vital countryside". The competition intends to collect innovative ideas for the transition towards sustainable circular agriculture. Niek Roozen Landscape participated in this competition in cooperation [...]

EO Wijers competition2020-02-20T16:01:38+01:00

The Green City Guidelines

The Green City Guidelines The book “The Green City Guidelines: Techniques for a healthy liveable city” was written by Michelle de Roo (Niek Roozen Landscape) as a handbook for practitioners, decision makers and designers, who see green as an essential  element in the urban environment “There has never been a greater need for the [...]

The Green City Guidelines2020-02-03T17:14:49+01:00

Park Bataafse Kamp, Hengelo

Park Bataafse Kamp, Hengelo By winning a competition, our team got the project to transform the former school building into a residential building and to create a new design for the park ‘Bataafse Kamp’. Our plan is based on luxurious urban living, in beautiful green surroundings. An integrated design for building and park. The [...]

Park Bataafse Kamp, Hengelo2020-02-13T09:09:44+01:00

Noordwijkerduin Pavilions, Noordwijk

Noordwijkerduin Pavilions, Noordwijk Design of the garden and surroundings of the various new buildings for client residences and day care cantre at Willem van den Bergh. Various sub-assignments, within the Noordwijkerduin master plan, for the realization of the new client homes and facilities for daytime activities and their surroundings. The buildings are detached or [...]

Noordwijkerduin Pavilions, Noordwijk2020-02-12T17:11:49+01:00

Expo 2021 Doha, Qatar

Expo 2021 Doha, Qatar On behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, our office made the concept design for ‘The Netherlands Garden’ in the International Horticultural Exhibition EXPO 2021 Doha Qatar. The general theme of this Expo is ‘Green Desert, Better Environment’. Our design shows how you can catch and store water [...]

Expo 2021 Doha, Qatar2020-02-13T09:12:34+01:00

‘Be one with nature’ at the Chinese Floriade in Shenyang 2006

'Be one with nature' at the Chinese Floriade in Shenyang 2006 2005-07-01 Publication: Tuin- en Landschap The office of Niek Roozen landscape was asked to assess the project planning based on their experience with large horticultural expositions. Roozen is also familiar with the fact that the professional knowledge of his Chinese colleagues is growing [...]

‘Be one with nature’ at the Chinese Floriade in Shenyang 20062020-01-28T15:24:27+01:00

Chinese Parks with a Dutch Touch: it clicks between The Netherlands and China

Chinese Parks with a Dutch Touch: it clicks between The Netherlands and China 2005-11-01 Publication: Eigen Huis en Tuin The economic development in China started about 20 years ago. After the initial emphasis on infrastructure and new residential development, the focus is shifting towards the environment. The Netherlands is seen internationally as a beautiful [...]

Chinese Parks with a Dutch Touch: it clicks between The Netherlands and China2020-01-28T15:14:12+01:00

Public consultation Bataafse Kamp

Public consultation Bataafse Kamp 2020-01-28 Tuesday evening January 28th, we presented the design for the park Bataafse Park together with the developer Nijhuis Bouw BV - HK2 and the municipality of Hengelo for the inhabitants of Hengelo. Before and after the presentation there was the opportunity to ask questions. Besides a few critical questions about [...]

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